Self-Deprecation Humor is the Lowest, Common Desdamona Trux, Denominator, Donna Matrix… Easiest Low Fruit To Harvest.

I am sorry/not sorry, but my title went over a lot of heads.

It ain’t easy being me.

Jess Benko – Self Deprecation

“It’s a war I’ve fought before.”

“Maybe this time I’ll win.”

I have to say/write it:

This is the most beautifully poignant song I have heard in five or six decades.

And since I am only six deca old…

Fuk you.

You do the math.

I cannot be bothered.

And I am fucking great at it.

I can harvest that fucking cherry orchard… Yeah, that is a fucking Russian Lit ref…. go look it up….. Check it off…. fuck you. I cannot do all the work for you….

Anything for a laugh.

Even at mine own expense.

Fuck everyone.

Do you think it easy for me to fuck me ever’day?

Trust me.

I ain’t that great a lover.

(I got documentation to prove it—ask my ex-wives)

I ain’t fucking ain’t. Great In that sack…

But I have some pride left in me.

I am a fucking veteran.

I have done shit.

Seen shit

Fuck all Y’all.

Except my ‘true’ readers.

I still love Y’alls

All Y’alls

Yeah, I know.

This was raw.

But it was / is true.

If you cannot deal

Then fuck you.

It came bursting from my heart.

Kinda like GodZilla

Or this guy…

How I feel.

Fuk you.

Ever have one of these days???

I certainly have had….

Welcome to my fuucking whurl

Some day,

One day

I may

One of these days,

Grow the fuck up.

But I doubt it.

I sincerely doubt it.

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