Sexy Goddess Elizabeth: My Last Wife, Chapter Four, Wayward Bound (Repost: I miss her—I wish our life together could have lasted forever) See the fricking song. Lunch did not last forever. Our marriage really never stood a fucking chance. Too much mutual passion. That fire burned hot. And quick. And out.

Great fucking vid. My thanks to jackie T for the share.

Actually in my last post, I kinda lied.

We were on the same plane but bound for two different destinations:
She to Missouri.
Me to Texas.

During the flight across the pond to America, I went back to the stewardess shack, and said,
“See that Nordic Blonde there in 27B?

She has agreed to marry me. Got any Champagne?”
They giggled.
“Sure. We’ll bring it to you.”

I returned to 27A and sat down beside my fiancé.
Presently Pleasant stew arrived with Moët & Chandon and poured two glasses.
Ela and I sucked those down.

After a spell I went back to the stewardess shack.
“Got any more Champagne“ I asked.
One stew just handed me the bottle.
Huge mistake on her part.

By the time wheels-down in New Jersey I was, shall we say, DRUNK.

We had a two hour layover.
I got drunker… during the wait.
And for some bizarre reason, we were to ride the same plane once again:
Me first to DFW, and then she to Springfield Missouri.

(I do not pretend to know how all this works)
Finally, as we were boarding the plane, I said something incredibly stupid,

“First thing I want is a beer!”

That was all it took.

They kicked me off the plane. Ela followed close behind.
When I protested they threatened me with Homeland Security.
We left.
With promises from the Airline that we could fly next day.
Provided I showed up sober.

I drunkenly promised I would, and then slinked away in shame… With Ela, who was horrified–

“I’ve never been kicked off a plane!” She exclaimed.

“Welcome to My World,” I said.

To Be Continued…

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