How Did We Ever…

How did we ever become whatever we are/were/am/is/will be?

Brother Dave did this bit:

“Where the best place to be in case the bomb drops?”

“Don’t make no difference. Jes as long as you can say, ‘Whut was that’?”

Cred for vid: isamsamuel



How did we ever become the Champion of the Free World?

The Bastion of Capitalism?

The Shining City on a Hill?

The Cradle of Modern Western Civilization?

Yeah Kids, Duck and Cover (and while you’re down there, kiss your ass goodbye.)

OK. I suppose it was ‘The Age of Innocence’ (Or maybe the ‘Age of Stupid People’)

I did those duck and cover drills just like everyone else. I suppose that makes me stupid too. It was a different time. Different place. And folks wondered why I wanted to go some other place. Eventually I did. I went to Egyptian/Israel war zones and felt finally safe.

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