Why? Why? Why? Why Am I So Angry Today??

I just flamed five of my best, most loyal readers.


How did they piss me off?

I have no fucking clue.

Just happened.

Something lame (in my mind) they said.


What the fuck is wrong with me??

I am not an angry man.

Not my style.

But I have this urge to walk down the street and shoot to death the first living thing I meet.

Of fucking course I would never do that.

I have too much respect for innocent life.

But still.

I want to break SOMETHING!

My heart is already broke

My mind is gone.

My toilet no longer works

My truck is outta gas

My cell phone is coming apart

Probably because I threw it out the window and it landed poorly in the parking lot.

Our country is on it’s one-way ticket to ride to hell, riding there in a handbasket?

One-way ticket to: Palookaville

Do not watch the below. Trust me.

Eve of Destruction

Vid Cred: The Best Of – Home Of Classic Music


I suppose I could just take a nap??


I’m too pissed off to consider that.

I think I’ll watch the moron on CNN.

That should push me to the level of pissed off I was hoping I would never be in.

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