Wrong Number Asshole!

Some idiot just called me and left a message to inform me that the warranty on my twenty-two year old vehicle was about to expire.

So natch,

I had to call him back.

He answered, and reading from his script, he launched into his spiel.

I interrupted him and called him a ‘fucking idiot.’

He hung up quicker and slicker than owl – shit.

Hurt my feelings. I wasn’t quite finished with all the ways I was going to enlighten him on how stupid he and his fucking company is.

Life ain’t fair. I was just gettin’ warmed up.


ADHD Added Bonus.

This is fucking Brilliant!

Dumb Ways to Die


Street Cred for Vid: Dumb Ways to Die

“Let’s Go Fishin’ Opie”

Cred: Joe Cartoon

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