I Am Walking About Piss’d Off Lately. Someone, Anyone… Take me AWAY! OK??

Where to begin?


Folks: I have not been ‘here’. (There is an obvious statement). I have NOT been here.

OKAY! We got that!



OK: I am not here. Not really here. I want to be somewhere else. Yep. I wanna be some’whar else.

Why? You ask.

Simply because I need to be somewhere else.

I think I will start with Sierra Leon…

Or Ethiopia (Just for Joni)

(Video credit: Leeshan)

Because, I need.

I need to be somewhere else.

Where I can do some good. Be a noble man once again. I miss that noble man once known as ‘Lance’. Where the fuck did he go? What happened to him??

“We miss him and his bullshit. Most of all, we miss his sincerity and his good heart. The tinge of Texas bullshit, we can live with. We see the man buried underneath the bullshit.”




Dorothy! I feel ya Girl!


P.S. Fuck YOU WordPress!

Why cannot I edit my post the way I wanna fucking edit it?

Fuck you

Fuck you

Fuck you

And when you are finished getting fucked

Shoot yourself

In the head



We’ll call it ‘sucide.’

“Tough motherfucker! He shot his’self in the head. Three times! Tough determined sonuvabitch. Guess he wern’t fuckin’ around. He was serious.”

–Lance. Yeah, this quote is mine. You may quoth the Raven, Me all you want.

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