I Have But Few Words

Fake Bitch Below

Fuk You Jolie!

Not Fake:

Ethiopian refugees who fled Tigray region, queue to receives treatment within the Fashaga camp on the Sudan-Ethiopia border, in Kassala state, Sudan December 14, 2020. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah

Not Fake:

Never Fake:

Joni Darlin’ you are for reals

The below powerful vid, put together by Leeshan is a motherfucking ‘must-watch’, otherwise you got no business here.

You miss the entire fucking point of the exercise.

Your top soil flies away

People die.

Best best best written lines from Joni’s song:

“A T.V. star with a P.R. smile
Calls your baby “it” while strolling
Through your tragic trials
On and on–stupidity”

Angelina Jolly… go fuck yerself! Sanctimonious Bitch! Take that asshole you married with you…..Brad something or other — who left a wonderful wife, Jennifer, for a whore! Not much more. Whore. Naw! Slut. Bitch! Naw…..

Fuk this. I respect your father. He made great movies. Fuck have you done? Lara Croft? With your fake tits? Gimme a fucking break! Go get wrecked! You cannot ‘act’ your way out of a paper sack.

You will NEVER ever live up to this performance. Guess your nut fell too far from the fucking tree…. next county….state….world….

“Uh. Lance? Don’t sugar-coat it; tell us how you really feel.”


Midnight is All Right

This Film is so….


‘Midnight Cowboy’ Only X-Rated Movie to Ever Win An Oscar–Not that any of that matters, but, it still makes me smile inside to think about all the pompous asses in Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Morons


“Midnight Cowboy was the first and only X-rated film to win the Academy Award for best picture, a fact that’s useful to know on trivia night, but otherwise needs to be appended by about five or six asterisks. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) originally rated the film an R, changed it to an X for its depiction of prostitution and homosexuality, and then changed it back to an R only two years later, a tacit acknowledgement that the board had gotten it right the first time. Seeing the film today, 50 years later, the ratings controversy seems all the more curious, given the relative timidity of its nude scenes and a gay hustle at a Times Square theater that’s all uncomfortable glances and implication.”

–Source: The Guardian–Left Wing Mag Rag

(Vid Cred: Leeshan)

Since I retain my Third World Mode…

And counting my blessings…

Yet I possess/retain empathy.

I have been to Africa.

I have seen it.

Up Close

Have you?

Very fucking related:


It just angers me that ninety-nine percent of the wealth in the world is owned by one percent of the population.

Yeah, I am not the first to piss moan and complain about this…. but I want to be to loudest asshole in the room.

And we should ALL get our fifteen minutes and be the girl with the most cake….

Even though it is fleeting.

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