This is What Consequential Truth or Consequence You Pay When You Become ‘Three Hundred and One Pounds of Fun’

Not A Pretty Sight, is It?

(Death never is)

RIP Lil’ Chair. I will always miss you.

We ‘chaired’ so many good times together.

Now you’re gone.

So Long!


But My U.S. Navy taught me a life lesson I never unlearned:

“Always keep a ‘Battle Spare’ Somewhere in there”


No one will understand nor ‘catch’ the ‘significance’ of this photo

Unless you have travelled abroad. (Specifically UK, OK?)

Or been with a broad.

Who has travelled abroad.

Or Both.

Not mutually exclusive.

She used to be my goal.

In more ways than one


A hundred and one!

Painfully Poignant:

And LMFAO Ever’time I Re-wind and Re-Watch This One!


Author’s Lament:

No one appreciates my twisted, sick (sixth?) sense of humor.

*heavy sigh*

Street Cred For The Vid: JoniJourney


Just my attempt to tie up all these thoughts

Happy Trails to Y’all!

(Wrong Song, I know, but it suits my purpose–sorta)

Vid Cred: LiliDVLima

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