OK. Here is Yet One More Post I Seem Incapable of Just Walking Away From. Or… “P.S., I Love You Michelle My Belle”



C’est Moi!

Dedicated to the one I love

(That would be you, Michelle My Beautiful Song-Bird Darling)

Street Cred For Shared Vid: Folk Experience


Stupid Autor’s Note:

I am not stupid

I know the ‘talent’ in the Band was all Cass Elliot.

She had the ‘pipes’

But she did not have the charm.

Nor the looks.

Therein lies my dilemma.

I love Cass,

But she just don’t move me

Like Michelle

So I ‘write’ about Michelle.

Oh swell.

Guess I am just a Typical ‘Stare-e-Oh!’ Ugly Texan

Vid Cred: “The Beatles” (No Shit Captain Obvious Lance?)

All the lettuce is brown

And the milk



So I ran away!

Because shit like brown, pulsating, alive lettuce frightens me. I prefer my lettuce dead, not running about, chasing me.

And gray milk?

Don’t think so!

Not appealing to me.

Been there.

Done that.

In Iraq.

Never again.

No Sir. No Ma’am!

My Life?

I’m lovin’ it!

Wanna keep it.


Wanna keep my life… alive.

Spend your pity on someone else.

But first call in an air-strike on the lettuce–for me–thanks– ‘preciate Ya!

I will survive.

Thank you

Drive Thru

Better Version Found Below

P.S., I Love You Michelle

Cali-Dreamin’ and Schemin’

Vid Cred: Thefreddy Show


Added Bonus Reference

“P.S., I love you.” You. You. You. (Michelle, My Belle.)

Added Bonus Because I am INANE AND INSANE!

Vid Cred: Them Boys From Liverpool

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