Movin’ On UP. I “Watch” (not listen) to A lot of Broadcast/Network News–Generally Keep my Television Muted


this means I flip back and forth from CNN to FOX

I prefer FOX.

Would you like to know why?

Of course you would.

Because FOX does not take themselves too seriously.

I was sipping on my vodka few moments ago, trying to figure out my next great, going viral post I had running around in my head–un-written–never-to-be-written, when I stole a quick glance at my muted TV.

What did I see?

I saw some info-babe Foxy-Fox on Fox apparently reporting on the current current fixing of housing problems in Seattle, or Portland, or some other West-Coast City Shit-Hole.

Noticed the crying, crawling cryon, crayon… you know.


That garbage at the bottom of the screen that takes up half the screen.

That is just annoyin’

Well, this one read,

And I quote:

“Movin’ On Up.”

I laughed so hard out loud that I spit out my vodka!


“Movin’ on up”

In Seattle

Or Portland.

Perfection inter-text:

“The Jeffersonians!”


The intertext ref lost on the young’un. But young ones don’t watch this garbage anyway. They are too busy trying (and probably succeeding) at getting laid.


I digress.

It just struck me funny.

Is all.

And if something brings a laugh to me.

I appreciate.

I love my life!

And Broadcast Cable News Brings Me Endless Free Entertainment!

I’m sorry Y’all.

I am still laughing!


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