Still Working / Updating On This One. Deleted The Other One. “I Have Not, Not, Yet NOT Written Nearly Enough About My Love: My Linda. I am gonna fix this soon. Stand By!”

She Melts My Heart

Just Like a Wheel

A Broken, Melted One

Respectful Tribute to Linda

Well Done!


Watch This One Immediately Below

It Will Bring a Tear to You Eye

Linda is All Class

Watch Her Reactions

“Hurts So Bad”

Linda, you know I am gonna love you.

For a long





Forever – Time


The Absolute Best Drum In The History of Different Ones


Silver Threads Holding Me Together

Linda, I have always Adored You

“Faithless Love”

Lay Down Next To Me

Just for a Moment

Then My Life Will be Complete

And I can die in happiness and peace

With your memory as my last memory of happy

I’m getting too emotional over this.

I need to stop.

But, I’ll continue



Right Sentiment

Wrong Linda

But thank you Paul

All Lindas are Awesome

(In my personal life experiences anyhow)

“La La La La Lovely Linda”



And Mandys are dandy too!

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