I Am A Moron, Or “Clang Clang Bang! Went My Folly!” Or “Not Fit to Live With” Y’all Sort it out for me.

Here is what I ‘hear’ when I go back and ‘look’ at most of my old posts:

Or This:

WP is fucked UP!

This vid keeps ‘loading”

My apologies. Thousands of them.

Be patient.

The vid is worth this wait.


Fuck you WordPress.




I need a new life.

This one is approaching the expiry date.

And soon will not be fit to live with in.

Van Morrison – Starting A New Life 🐦

Vid Cred: Cool Coyote

Bonus Added Value:

Pandemic R Us: A Children’s Song

Content Creator Cred: The Brilliant Julie Nolke

(More Below)

Check Her Out HERE!



Not fit to live with

“My Mama Loved me, but she died”

Good Buy!

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