Mad Man! Across That Bridge Over Fukked-Up, Troubled Waters: C’est Moi! (Apologies To Paul & Art… And Elton)

Dandy Dapper Don:


Best, most facinating female character in the show:


Street Cred for Vid: The Tempest




“Just Joan”

“Just Joan”

(Somewhat esoeric quote from “Jewel of the Nile” 1985–Sorry!)

Cred for Vid: The Power Moves


I Have been re-visiting the TV Series “Mad Men” From AMC (I think)

Anyway, I love this show!

Why? One may ask.

In a nutshell:

It features lots of alcohol and tobacco abuse.

And relationship abuse.

On both sides of the gender coin.

These are all topics/subjects near and too dear to my heart.

Pretty much Don Draper is my spirit animal.

If you are not familiar with the show, these references will be lost on you.

Oh well.

I tried.


Cred for Vid:

(A site I hate, but sometimes a necessary evil–I still hate them. They are just too condescending)


Lame-Ass-Lance Author’s Notes:

There is so very much more I want to write on this work of TV/Show Brilliance!

Perhaps I shall.

But not right now.


But Check back early and often!

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