He’s not Really Heavy: He is my Brother; I Can Manage.


“You ain’t heavy; I got ya Bro’. Hang in.”

Posted for Teela

And for Madelyn

“How Do You Hold A Moonbeam In Your Hand?”


Here is a no shitter story:

I talked to my “ever-so-cool” step-sister Madelyn, back in the Seventies about this song.

She said to me,

“Lance, what does this song mean to you?”

I said (thirteen years old), I said, “It’s about some dude carrying his brother out of a war zone in a desert, and some guy comes up and says, ‘Is he heavy?'”

And the dude says, “No. He’s my brother.”

Madelyn shook her head while letting out a heavy sign and then just left me there, all alone, wondering why I was not cool.

“Heavy” had some subliminal meaning in the Seventies






I have been made ‘whole’ again.

My initial Instincts validated.

Wishing my Belov’d Madelyn were still here.

So I could show her what I found (Purely by accident) today.

Missing her.

Dear Madelyn, See? I was cool all along.”

(June 2021)




3 thoughts on “He’s not Really Heavy: He is my Brother; I Can Manage.

  1. barbaramullenix,

    You know I am a film nerd.
    So of course I have seen the movies.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for commenting.
    I love you for that.

  2. In 1938, Spencer Tracey portrayed Father Flanagan in the movie Boys Town, which also starred Mickey Rooney. In 1941, they made a sequel called Men Of Boys Town, where they used the phrase “He ain’t heavy, Father, he’s my brother” for the first time in a movie.

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