Lady Luck Chapter Three

Gin and Sin


Travis returned to the table.

Sat back down at ‘third base’

Everything was just as he had left

(In Vegas one can leave a thousand dollars on a blackjack table for hours and hours and hours, knowing it will still be there when you ever decide to come back—best town in the world.)


The Nordic blond was studying Travis.

He could feel her stare.

Finally he turned to her and said,


She grabbed his arm and said “

“Come with me” as she dragged him from the table,

“I want you to buy me a drink.”

“I and you, get free drinks at the blackjack table” Travis said.

“I want YOU to buy ME a drink.”

They sat down at the bar.

“Who are you?” Travis asked her.

“I am the woman who will never be named later. Barkeep! A gin and tonic for me and an ‘old-fashioned’ for Cowboy here.”

They sat at the bar and Travis got lost in her eyes for what seemed like days as she talked.


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Those Were The days My Friend

Thought They’d Never End

(But They Did)

Mary Hopkin – Those Were The Days – 1968

(She is so Beautilul–And So Soulful)

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