Since I Seem To Be On The Subject: Another Re-Run For Those Who May Have Missed It First Time Around: “Lions and Tigers and Drunks, Oh My!” (And of Course I CANNOT EDIT THIS AS I WANT BECUZ WP IS FUkK’ING STUPID!)

I’d like to teach Y’all something about alcoholics.
We are not stupid Drunks.
We have it down to science.

We are professionals

Your average weekend drunk is stupid.
Your functioning juicer is not…Stupid.
We have to juggle with one hand.
And always work with logistics.
And forethought.
And knowledge of anatomy.
And knowledge of physics.
And knowledge of one’s own limitations.
And planning.
And perfecting the fine art of “maintenance drinking.”
Maintaining an even strain.
And of course money management.

And sometimes even Luck.

This is all CEO shit right here.

I have used management skills to ‘manage’ very large
‘Man-Camps’ in three War-Zones.
I have used management skills to manage small
I have used management skills to manage
Lots of things.
But the most challenging test of my management skill
Is managing my disease.
And, that, that, is a no-shitter.

Hope I can perfect and hone my skill before I cash my chips.

Here is to hoping for me!

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Video Credit: MasterBiblicalMemory

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