Even MORE Clown World–See-Quill–Part DUH. WIP! I’ll Edit This LATER! (And Most Likely ADD To It)

Cred: Mark Dice

Cred: Salty Cracker

Cred: Salty Cracker

Cred: Dice Man


Cred: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


I Have Had The WuFlu


I am STILL Here!

And Yes! I Have Had My Fauci!

Appears As If I Will Continue to Survive

And ‘Sailor On’


Cred: Gloria Gaynor

It’s Not ALL Bad News

And Now For Something Completely Different

To Lighten This Mood

Crit Drinker Man

Why Modern Movies Suck – They’re Written By Children

Credit: The Critical Drinker


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