Fuk it! Re-Visit This! “English! Or Nor Wee-Gin. You Choose. Or A Charming Darling” I am attempting to Re-Watch This Show / Series, But I Keep Pausing the Vid Every Time Katheryn Winnick is on the Screen. I have a Problem / Obsession. Obviously.

Vice is nice.

Candy is dandy

But liquor is quicker

It should go w/o saying from me:
I say it anyway:
I lust after Lagertha

Because I used to be a sometime warrior.
And strong women rock me
And my world.

Shield-maiden, Made In Heaven

Naw. Hell. Made in Hell. More Bettah

(I still love you Baby!)

But I had to go

See way below…

For all the reasons this is so

A Charming Darling:

If she sees this my favorite shared photo below, she will kill me.

Or very least, castrate me.

Not sure yet which way I wanna go.

I love everything English/British!
I had one once.
She drove me crazy!
I was no longer the smartest in the room.
She made me crazy

I still love her

And I still miss her

Marvelous much

Woe is me


Was me….



Only My English Lover/Woman will get the joke.
If she ever reads this
(I pray to God she don’t.)
As for The rest of You,
Never mind

We did that whole DNA THING

Turns out I am more English than She

She is Viking—Hundred percent.

Something is broken in my mind

Now it all makes some semblance of sense…


Cowboy Rides Away

Vid Share Cred: New Hillbilly

Armadillos by Mournin’

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