Updated! Expanded! Someone ‘Liked’ This Moldy Old Post, So… Natch… ReSpam!.. “B&B No! Not Just For Bed & Breakfast Anymore!” Yes. I am a MORON! Yuk Yuk Yuk! Hardy Har Har!

Fun Fact: When I was ‘Marred’ to Lisa-The-Shakespeare Prof, MTV ran what they Dubbed

‘A Moron-a-Thon’

Five HOURS of Beavis & Butthead–Commercial-Free!

We had to keep a bed-pan at our feet so as to not miss a single minute—

OK, that is not really true…. I made it up.

Call it ‘Creative License


Lisa and I watched it all!

All five fukkin’ hours!

Took us three bottles of Chardonnay to get thru it


I tortured my Facebook friends with these; figured I’d torture my WordPress friends as well.

What the Hell, right?

”Sharing is CARING.”

Original FB text from my three demented posts:

“Hey Baby.”

You will laugh

(If you’re sick and demented like me)

(Vid compilation credit: Gary Diablo)

More sick humor.(definitely NOT for everyone)

You’re welcome.

(Vid compilation credit: MMM)

And of course this is the All-Time-Classic:

“The Great Cornholio”

OK. I will stop ‘Shit-Posting’ (for now)

Sorry. I know I am sick in my head. I just want to make at least one person laugh with me.

Bonus Clip Below

Ponder this while you are savoring your next fast-food burger.

Good luck.

And of course: Customers SUCK

This Man (CERTAINLY) is a fucking genius.

Fun Fact: He was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I did not know this, but now I know. And now so do you.

(If you’ve come this far.)

Mike Judge: Bona-Fide Brilliance:

Added Stupid Value:

(Because I’m stupid)

Ask me how many fucks I give

This is MY BLOG

And I’m stuck to it

Oh, and once again:

“Fuck You WordPress!”

(I always like to throw that in)

Just for ‘grins.’

And while on this silly subject, some more stupid silliness:


Added Just Because I LOVE Her:

Who Will Save My Soul?

You will Jewel

You Will


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