“Life is Strange”— Yet Another One I Wrote that Is Embarrassin’—I’ll Properly Fix This Post Later, If / When I Find Sober. Don’t Wait Up Though. Happy New Year Y’all!

Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing 

Cred: Sky Ferreira


Hits Too Fricken Close!

I Have Lost So Many Wonderful Women

This Makes Me So Sad

Welcome to My Pity Party

Pull Up a Chair!

I’m Just Gonna Sit Here




Try Not To Think

I’ll Attempt to Do It Quietly

So As Not to Disturb Your Sobriety

Cred: Merle


Lesley Gore

“It’s My Party & She’s A Fool”

(On The Ed Sullivan Show)

Dido – White Flag:

Somewhere about five years ago, I was paid something in the region of $183,093 per year. Yep. To keep Y’all safe. Yep. To Keep Y’all safe.

Now, I am paid somewhere south of ten dollars per hour, to keep y’all’s packages safe.

The math don’t add up.

But… actually. It does.

Men (and wimmen) are paid according to…

Ya know what? I really do not want to write about this.

I love to write about my times in Iraq / Afghanistan / Egypt / Israel / Dubai / San Dog / …


Those are stories ppl want to read.

(I suppose)

“Lance, That Whore!”

Now. That is good fodder, ain’t it?

Wanna read that? If I get one ‘yes’, I will write it. (Lord knows, there is much ‘fodder’ there…)

No one looks at the videos I steal, but I always include them anyhow…

Threw Back Up Thursday: Kinky

Beach Boys Okie from Muskogee

Oh Why Not?! Rinse & Re-Post. ‘Tis a Nostalgia Kind O’ Day! Okay? Yay! Added More Ginger Spice! What a Dame! I Just Did An Incredibly STUPID Thang!” This Seems to be an Oft Repeating Occurrence in My Life! Oh! My Strife!

Nothin’ Like A Dame!

Pre-Code Hollywood: Classics Stars:

Ginger Rogers

(Ed. Note: There is Sound. Just Give it a Second. Be Patient)

Cred: Pre-Code Hollywood Classic Clips by Kevin Wentink


I invited a woman I wanted to have a relationship with to leave my life!

I am such a fool!


Her words to Me:

I will only be friends with someone who doesn’t call names or belittle simply because they’re not getting the level of attention they think they should be receiving. I place no demands on others, and I certainly don’t have fits over it. If you can respect that, they we’re good. If not, then it was a pleasure getting to know you.

Mine to Her:

“I do fear I have managed to nuke the bridge I had hoped to build between us.

So, Yes! I say tomato; you say tomat–ohh, Let’s just call the whole thing off.


And If I Had, You know How Good I Can Be At That!

I Never Do Anything Half-Ass!”


Here is a subtle observation: Notice how Ginger acts so clumsy as she skates to the bench and almost falls down on it!

Of course she is about as far removed from ‘clumsy’ as one can be!

Very nice touch!

Love it!

Cred for Vid Share: wheel






Vid Share Cred: CatCORViN


Vid Share Cred: Sironaca




Cred for Vid Compilation: WORN Fashion Journal



You Lucky Bastard!



Teri Garr

“What Knockers!”


She! Ginger. I Do So Much Love Her. She’s So Mesmerizin,  So Cap’ti’-sizin’, Capt-Eye-Vating. And So Charming. I was Born In The Wrong Decade! Screw Me—-To Death. I May Have Had a Chance With Her. Yeah, In My Wildest Dreams! But I’m Drunk And Stupid & Living In a Past I Never Had. “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!”


This Post is So Fukked Up! I Need To Delete all Supercilious–The Super-lusT-of Us Shite That Has Nada to do W/Ginger! Beautiful, Talented, Intelligent Women Fascinate Me! Damn it! So What?! Just to Know One or Two Such Women(s) In A Lifetime! Makes A Man’s life Worth Living!




Goodness Gracious!

How Much I adore Her!

Luv Yu Too Ann!

Linda is so beautiful.

A treasure to be treasured.

I feel really sick. I am not well. I wish now more than ever that I had a Good Woman to lay (I know ‘lay’ is not the proper word but I will not fuck up the song with Grammar Police Bullshit)

down beside me, wrap her arms around me, comfort me and hold me tight as I fall asleep.

That is all I want at this moment: A kind, soft of nature, loving, caring gentle woman. (Linda would be my first choice, but Carly would suffice as well–if she be around and in town and in town and not too busy being around)

Vid Cred: Who Cares? I’ll Get to it ..

Maybe-Whom-ever it was just stole shit, as I am wont to do I

Or even my second wife: She was a good woman and she loved me. She was ‘soft’ and she truly loved me. Much more than I loved myself.


Linda, I’m gonna love you for a long long long time.

Even after I die.

For Jessie

She was One of the Boys!

What an Un-sung Swan!
Jessi Colter

Vid Cred: tarquin45

Oh My Gawd! I have Been Blessed By Beautiful Wimmmens

I Did NOT Deserve—

A Single One

Of Them!

Fuck Me!

I need to Die soon!

Werkin’ On That!

(It’s A Process)

I’m A 1000 Miles From N-Where’s-Ville. Nicce Climit! Wanna Join Me////!? ,,,,

I’m ‘A’-Tryin’ Really Hard To Be Happy! & Up_Beat & Remain Positive! Obviously This Will Be A WIP! ‘Work-in-I Digress-Progress!’

Wish Me Luck in My Endeavor!! — And, I’m a-Tryin’ Really Hard to Entertain Y’alls! & NEVah, Evarh, Wanna Waste Yer Finite, Valuable To Me, Spent on Me. Time. This is “Me” in All Truthful Sincerity!

I’m Stupid!

I Cannot Help It

I Just Act Naturally!



Buck It Up!

Fuk It It Up!

Yuk Yuk Yuk

It Up! Fuk U

I Don’t Really Mean Mean Mean to be Mean!

But I Am An Ass-Hole,

By Natural Nature…

Why is this Vid So fucked up?

Why post a Fukked-up Vid???



Edit Asshole!

Edit B4 You Post!

Or At Least,

Revisit & Fix Your Shit!

Show Some Respect

For Your Readers!

Try it!

U Might Like it!

Cred For Vid: DangerousDonRich

“Oh My God—What’s Happening To Me?!!”

Dwight Jok’em!

I am so Fukkin’ far Removed



That I Cannot Find My Ass with Both Hands


I’ve Got Bruisings On My Memories

Ain’t That a G’Damn Shame?!

I’m a thousand miles from nowhere
Time don’t matter to me
‘Cause I’m a thousand miles from nowhere
And there’s no place I want to be

Cred: Warner Music Nashville

I Cast Pearls at At At Swine!

All The Time!

For No Dimes!


I Lub All Y’alls!

All the Y’alls!

I am So



But I Love Connie Britton!


Do NOT Watch This One Below!

It is Depression!


(On Steroids!)


Try To….

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive –

Bing Crosby

With The Andrews Sisters:

If It Has Escaped Your Attention:

Please allow Me To Refresh Your Memory!

I Love The Andrews Sisters!

1942 Andrews Sisters – Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

vID cRED: Bleiddwen Lupin


Say What?!


I CANNOT FIND THE VID! I Wanted To Care & Share!

(OK! Found It! Fuk U Internet!)

I’ll Always Out-Last Your Dumb Ass!

Boogie Wookie~ Get Funky!





Creds for “Positive” Vid: beyoncetyratina



My AmeriKa!


Aw-Right Y’all!

Yuk it Up!


I did NOT Have

A White Christmas!

That Would’ve Been


I did Dream of One Though

But All I really Wanted To


Was Not Run Out of Rum

“Lord Help The Mister That Comes Between me And My Sister”


Sister Act!

The End!


In The end…

Oh yeah, all right
Are you going to be in my dreams

And in the end
The love you take

Is equal to the love you make


Yeah! In The End!

Yer Fukked!





I have Been In – Love With Natalie Wood

For All

My Adolescence




This Property Is Condemned 

(As Am I)

“Are You gonna Be In My Dreams tonight?”

Fuk Yes!


For All Of The Rest of My Un=Nat-at-yer-All Life!

Natalie! Please Always Remain In My Dreams!

My Dear Beautiful Dream Girl

My Dream Lover


You Stole My Line!


I Coulda Been a Contender!

For Her

For Her Affections!

But, Oh Hell No!

You Had To Screw That Up For Me!

(Oh & Fuk You Too Robert Redford!)


Bobby! You Can Kiss My Ass!





I Coin a Phrase,

In A Daze!

I am So Fukking Stupid!

I Should Just Fuffin’ KIll Myself!

Maybe I shall!

Do Y’all A Solid

Suicide Is Painless

It Brings On

Many Changes 


“Through early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that are withheld for me
realize and I can see

That Suicide is Painless!



Just to Cheer You The Fuk Up!

“Oh Happy Dagger!”

I Forgot “I Scream! You Scream! We all Scream For Ice cream!”

I Forgot

I Forgot!

To Thaw Out My Ice-Cream!

(I Broke My Only Spoon!)

Now I am Properly Fucked!

What is Wrong With Me?

Now I Have to wait



Three Fucking Days!


My Mind Has Left The Building—Following Elvis!

Cred: BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez – Ice Cream (Lyrics)

(I’ll Cred The Sharer Later—-Maybe!)


Where did I place My Brain?

I Saw it wandering Around Just Yesterday!

Michelle, Ma Belle: Tease I fukked Up! She Coulda Been Mine…

For all Time! Yes! Yes!

I Have Regrets! I Screwed the pooch on this One!

I Still Think of Her! And What Could Have Been…

A Horrible Marriage—Ended Badly-and in Great Sin!

(I was Still Marred to Janet Back Then,

When I First Fell For Michelle!)

With Tears and Beers!

Yeah! This Post is Messed Up!

I Fukked  Up
She Coulda been mine
for all time!

“Michelle, ma belle.  These are words that go together well. My Michelle”:

This is a ‘teaser’ for something I am currently working.

(‘Tis an expanding part of my “Great Mistakes Naval Training Center” Nascent Series)


The Marine”?

The Little Blonde One?

Of Course you do!

This will be way better.

Believe me?


I have this bridge for sale; kindly follow me into the ‘Showroom.’

We’ll talk ‘Price’ later…

For now, just gape, gasp, and be awestruck.

And Remember Kids: I don’t do fiction.

All my ‘stories’ are bona-fide.

Continued Here:

Video Credit: Starr’s Music


Anyone ever notice that Paul McCartney can’t speak French for Shit?

“Me Shell… My Bell”

Really Paul?

Please stick to English Paul.

And this from a Texan who destroys French with a Texan accent.

“Mercy Bow Chops Y’all!”

(OK. Not that bad, but almost)

I have been perma-banished from Paris… France.

They still welcome me in Paris, Texas.

Thank God!