Richard’s Lame-Ass Jeans Store. Denouement—End—All’s Well That… Oh Well… Fukkk This! I Miss My Sis! If You Havn’t Figured Me Out By Now… You Need to go Away.

After about thirty minutes Madelyn returned to the dinette table and sat down. Then quickly got up.

“I set, you clear” she said, glaring at me.

Gloria said, “Madelyn…?” But too late.

She had already hit the stairs. I could hear her taking them two at a time—a ‘trick’ she had learned from me. (Not really, but Maddy was like a new born pony–‘clumsy’ as a word, does not even approach description)

I quickly cleared the table and bound up the stairs after her.

Found her sitting on her bed, a little visibly shaken.

“How’d it go?” I asked breathlessly.

“He knows it was arson. Thanks to you, you dumb-ass. Why did you havta kick in the back door. Dude said at first they just thought it was the air conditioner—they were gonna go with that, but then he saw that SOME MORON had kicked in the back door. Why the fuck did you do THAT?!”

“I don’t know Sister. I don’t know. Maybe because I did not want it to look like an ‘inside’ job. I did let myself in with your key. I guess that was what I was thinking.”

“Electrical fires in ancient buildings are common. Ever think of that?”


“Next time, think of that.”

“Look Sis, this will all blow over.”

“He said he would find out who did this. He was suspicious of me even. I heard it in his voice. Shit!”

“Do you still have all the shit you stole before I torched the joint?”


“Get rid of it. Shit-can it. Or give it all to me. I’ll make it disappear. Now c’mere.”

I held her in my arms and told her not to fret. If it came down to it, I would take the fall.  We both knew things were gonna get brighter and be OK.


Ooh Child – Performed By An international Musical Collective

(‘Scrool’ Down a Mite)

I love The Red-Head, The Girl one! Must I explain Every Obvious Thing?) Skit! I give! Go Get Wrecked! But Y’all Knew this Already

I am giving up on this post. Do What You fucking Will.

I am way past the point of Giving a Shit


(I am on the Back Nine of Life)

You’re Just Now tee’ing Off!

Make it Good!

“Dead Solid Perfect”

(Esoteric Larry McMurtry Book Ref–Look it up)

Ooh Child – Performed By An international Musical Collective

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I kissed her hair and told her I loved her.

She said she knew and thank you.



Author’s Footnote:

Nothing ever came of their ‘Investigation’ except burnt up blue jeans ash. They gave up and filed it away. And Maddy and I lived happily ever – after

(And we never conspired to burn down another building)

All the buildings I burned down down hence, I did solo.




I need to Find a Way To Let Her Go

Let ME Go!

Let Me Off The Hook!

I Shoulda BEEN There!

Where the FUCK Was I???

I have no I Idea, but I know Where I wasn’t:

With Her!

Where I should Have Been!

Goddamn it!

Nightcore – iNSaNiTY

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Lagertha || Queen Of Shield (Vikings)

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