Revisit This One! I love Her (I Cannot Write This— It Hurts–Breaks My Heart) Her Un-Timely Death Really Fukked Me UP! *** Lance! This Ain’t ‘Bout You! Fuck U! Her Brother, Richard, was Gay. She loved him Anyway. By The Way, Lance Ain’t Gay! Go Away! (Lance Just Has A Lot of Gay Friends)

It Hurts

“There’s a Hole In My bed”

Heart Brakes:

Janis & Joan–ie

Janis Ian & Joan Baez Jesse

Joan Was a Patriot

Fuck What Y’all think!

Cred for Vid: dami1622


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All Who

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Fuck YOU



I NEED To Sleep You Off Karen!

One Can Plainly See…

She Is Dying Here!

Right Before of Our Open Eyes!

Right Between Our Eyes!

Breaks My Heart

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