I Am So Frickin’ Pissed At WordPresss’d Right About Now! Meow!


A euphemism (/ˈjuːfəmɪzəm/) is an innocuous word or expression used in place of one that may be found offensive or suggest something unpleasant. Some euphemisms are intended to amuse, while others use bland, inoffensive terms for concepts that the user wishes to downplay. Euphemisms may be used to mask profanity or refer to taboo topics such as disability, sex, excretion, or death in a polite way.

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I tend to Stray from Euphemisms

(Most of the Time)

Have you noticed?

I am a Fucking Sailor!

Profanity is requisite

George Carlin – Euphemisms

Cred: Carlin


I’ve No More Fucks To Give

Cred: Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq – Topic


I’d Kick WP to The Curb, But They Have All My Shit!

Goddamn it!

I Just Drop This In B’Cuz I Love it!



Fun Fucking Fact:

Paula did all the choreography For Michael’s Jax Sons Vids in the Eighties!




“Meow Mix’ed UP!!”

Cat Scratched F’ver!

Fuk U WP!

I’ve No More Fucks To Give

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