And Since This is Supposed to be Christmas… Christmas Camp Wolf, Iraq 2007

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(Yes. I miss Iraq)

One time while on R&R in Commerce with Roberta I hatched a plan.

Since Parsons never seemed willing nor able nor wanted to…

To recognize the great work and sacrifice My Men were providing in the service of The Mission, we were blowing up Saddam’s unexploded bombs so that they would not be turned into IED’s Or VBIED’s

(The CMC Mission. “Coalition Munitions Clearance” Mission, legacy of Saddam)

I decided My Men needed some Recognition.

So, using a hand – drawn piece of artwork done by one of My Men, I commissioned some plaques, each one personalized with each Man’s Name on it.

I had Latson’s Printing and Office Supply do the work.

(I had ‘worked’ there for over ten years and knew Dick Latson and Gang would be up to the task and Git ‘R’ done. No way to get it all done before I had to return to the Sandbox, but I trusted Roberta to ‘UPS’ them to me in time for Christmas, which was rapidly approaching.)

We got mail from Al Asad Air Base ‘bout once a week via U.S. Marine convoy.

Sure as shit, the day before Christmas, I got all my packages with all the plaques—about 20 of them.

I spent the night wrapping each one up in old newspapers (I was rather short on Christmas wrapping paper).

Next day, Christmas, I handed them out.

And watched my guys unwrap their Christmas presents.

Their happiness and glee as each one saw his name on the plaque almost made me cry.


But I didn’t cry.

Until later.


In my Hooch.

It was a good day and the best Christmas I have ever had.

And, truthfully,

Will ever have.

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