We (‘Mericans) Can Send A Man At & To The Moon. Why Cannot We Make a Dollar Ninety-Nine Cents Can Opener That will Effortlessly Open A Fu*kin’ Can Of Tuna-Fish?? I ‘Axe’ You This Serious Question.



All I want for Christmas is Tuna-Fish


Let’s Start This Off With A Little Levity, Shall We?

We Shall:

Bang! Zoom! …You’re Goin’ to the Moon!

Cred for Vid Share: IAintOverYet

“IAintOverYet” Wow! Outstanding Moniker! I salute You Sir/Madame


And Fu#K YOU Helpful DIY Guy!

This is a Joke, Right? RiGhT?? RIGHT???



Perhaps All These Things are Somewhat Related?

Did Alcohol Play A Part?


No Way


We’ll Put ‘im in a Longboat ’till He’s Sober

Early in the Mornin’

“May Ye Be A Half-Hour in Heaven Before The Devil Knows Yer Dead”

Cred for Vid Share (And Thank YOU!): John Kenton

“How Do U Deal With A Drunken Sailor?

“No Tuna Fish!”

That’s How!

And NO Can Openers!

For Shit – Sure!

Trust Me On This One Kids


Added Value, Just For Fun (and Continuity)

“Shave His Belly With A rusty Razor”

(Been There–Experienced That)

Wrote on it, But cannot find it!

Fuck Me!

Cred for Vid/Song Share: Momratz


I Love MY NAVAL Heritage—What I Did!–My Daddy Claimed to be a Marine–He was only half-Right

Half-right– fuck Him–Stolen Valor!

And Even What I did not Manage to Did


X-Tra Fun:


Rescue Mission

Cred: I Do Not Recall From Where I stole This. Fuk it!

If you deserve credit, have it with my blessings


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