***BREAKING NEWS*** (Kinda Sorta)

“Outcome” reached in Officer Potter Case!

What precisely does this mean?


Lance is ‘bettin’ on ‘Hung’ jury

In MY Personal Opinion,

The Officer is….


(Yer Thoughts?)

And YES! I have watched the ENTIRE Trial—Soup to NUTS!

Because I have NO Life of mine Own!

Potter’s Field of Dreams, er… Nightmares

Here Come da Judge!



MT: Try Another!

She Better “Walk”


I am Gonna Hurt People and Break Things

(I have been trained Well, Very well, by your Governance, to Do This–

Just Sayin’)

Try Another!

Go Bark Up Another Tree!

This Tree is Empty!


“Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often”



My Mind is a TERRIBLE Thang!

i just did a bad thing

Cred: bill wurtz, Bona-Fide Genius

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