(Somewhat Expanded–B4 Being Abandoned) “My Dear Friend, Johncoyote, Poet, Raconteur, and All-Around Swell Guy, Reminded me of This Old Post O’Mine, So I Thought I’d Re-Post It. ‘Tis The Season of Giving, n’est-ce pas? “He Drinks at Home Now Most Nights With the TV on and all the house lights Left Up Bright…”

And Mothu-Fuk U WP!!!

I Just wanna Perform a ‘Simple’ EDIT!!!


OH No!

Hell NO!

Not Allowed!!!

So Fuckin’ Proud of Yer Platform You Are!

Fu^K You! WordPress


If You Are Clueless In Tex-ass, And Cannot Wrap Yer Mind About How Poignant This is….


I have some small amount of Pity Reserved For Y’alls


(See There? I said ‘Please’–I am NOT ALWAYS an Ass-hole)

Uh…. wherever I was b4 I Lost my Place….

Oh Yeah! Find Below:

Endeavor to Spend it Wisely


“Uh… Lance? Lance?? LANCE!!! Calm Down Son!


Link to John below. Go there. Password is “Lancer Sent Me” That may or may not get you in the doorMight Get You Shot–Dunno. Could go either way.

My Personal Philosophy on “Visitors”:

Shoot First; Question Later’.

Good Luck,

Bonne Chance

Watch Yer ass

Merry Christ-Mass


I Think I love this version (Below)  Mo’ Bettaaah–“Little ‘Ying-Yang’ There for Ya Folks…'”: (Cred for Share:  Rodrigo Baltar)

“I’m gonna blow this damn candle out.”


And all the house lights left up bright.

Happy  New Year.

“I’m gonna blow this damn candle out.”

“Holidays are hard on some guys.”

I stole that line from a favorite movie of mine, loosely based on a wonderful play by some guy. Oh yeah, David Mamet “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” which I first saw performed live by a group of travelling U.S. actors and actresses when I was in Sinai, SFM (and after the performance I had all of the cast and crew in my hooch and we all got hopelessly stoned on hash and drunk on scotch)  in the Sinai, and then saw it, many years later, the fucking movie… wait for it… in Chicago, drunk but not stoned. The Navy had random piss tests back then—for drugs–they gave not zero fucks about your alcohol blood level. That is just my Navy. How it was…  maybe still is. Who knows? Who cares?

When I saw the movie in Shy – Town, It had been bastardized into… “About Last Night.”

The Movie Gave The Play a

Fucking Happy Ending!

They Really Ruined it With That!

Fukkin’ Hollywood!

HollyWood! Wish I Could… N/M

Cred  for Vid: FUK yU! hOW’S That???How did You find That? Un=-Pleasing?

Screw U!


HOLLYWOOD! Up-Dated!! Re-Visit This One Y’all. It is fucking Awesome! The Vids! The Vids! The Vids! Ignore My Prose! Watch the Videos!

“Travesty” as a word…

“Cynical and drunk?”

“May-hap: C’est moi?”


“What did he say?”


Honestly, when it comes down to it, we all die alone… boring someone in some dark café.

“Jesus Christ! Lance! Some happy thoughts for the New Year?”

“Naw, been there…”

“You’re either too stupid to die, or too stupid to live.”

“Yes. Both.”

I like to think that I only write for me.

That is some vain fantasy. Or just a pleasant fiction.

I write to get bed, er… read.

I do.

I really do.

I am a “writer”

Or, at least, I think of me in that way.

And I love commas.

And I edit as I go.

Someone once said of “Lord Ernest” (Hemingway),

Someone said he said, “Write Drunk. Edit Sober.”

Now, personally, I think that apocryphal, but what do I know?

Yet, I am going with it.

(at least the write drunk part)

Now, back to Joni:

“Love can be so sweet.”

“Go look at your eyes.”

“Drink up now. It’s gettin’ on time to close.”

Some footnote:

Oh, and by the way, The Last time I saw Richard was Great Lakes, Recruit Training Command, ’86,  and he told me… something about staying alive while with the Navy SEALs in SO CAL, just before he went to Florida and committed suicide,  because He could not handle the Pressure that was (then) the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Program. Thank God I was in Coronado with the SEALs.

And So Safe

So safe.

I miss Richard.

He was braver than me.

And nobody ever committed suicide while at BUD/s (Navy SEAL) training: we were just all too busy, you see, just ‘busily’ trying to stay the fuck alive.

“Richard got married to a figure-skater–post-humorlessly.”

Somehow, I live.

His name was “Richard” and he was a real person.

Yeah, I left  out the tag line (on purpose):

“when you gonna get back on your feet?”


If you happenstance to swerve into this blog, and catch yourself saying,

“Gee! This guy is cool.”


(Just don’t.)

Because I ain’t.

I’m an asshole.



And I have references

But if’n you do, Do not then… follow the comments.

Just don’t fuckin’ do it. 

Save some:  them, them the good memories.

And walk on by.

You just knew I had to…..

Diana Krall – Walk On By (Live In Rio)

Credit? Who Cares? I Do Not CARE Anymore. They Can Sue Me! (And Good Luck With That!)

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