Addendum To My Last (Recent PAST)

“And So This is Christmas???

Cred: MrMichem72

This is so brilliant done!

No Bullshit text mucking up the works!

Just Subtle at the Bottom

Well done Sir/Madame!

Well done!

Well done!

Well DONE!!!



In My ravenous Hunger Rage, I Destroyed the ‘Care’ Package Provided by

My New Love:


Before The ‘Storm:’

Trying to eat it all in one gulp!

Yeah! I am an Asshole!

After The Storm:


Stormy Weather Ahead!

Be Thee Forewarned!

Cred: YVIE R.

sONG cRED: santana!


go git fukked!

If y’all do Not Already Know that!


More! Sum More!

Cred for the vid: Benito Meschoulam


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