It’s Alright Ma; I’m Only Bleeding

Is This My Blood???

I Killed all the Rats days ago

And disposed of all the bodies!

Must be MY Blood!

I must be bleeding from


Some Where Within

“I got Nothin’ Left… To Live Up To”

But From WHERE?!

From Where?

I need to Find Out!

Right Meow!

(Perhaps it’s Just Spilt Wine)

Happens All The Time!


(Hope It’s Not From My azz—that Could Be Bad!)

A BAD Day For Me!

At Black Rock!

I Wrote a Senior-Level University Paper on This One!

Got An A-Plus!

Yuk Yuk Yuk!

(Wish I Still Had That Paper–It Was a Keeper!)

“Bad Day At Black Rock”

With The Added Wonder


Stereophonic Sound

Stick Around!

Class was Called “Enema & Film!—


“Cinema & Film!”


“Literature & Film!”


Here’s to Me


Hoping For The Best


3 thoughts on “It’s Alright Ma; I’m Only Bleeding

  1. Marla,

    How do I Fix this?
    Help a Brother Out!
    I do not want my readers to be forced to jump thru hoops just to leave a fucking comment!

    It’s NOT My FAULT!


  2. Magnificent references!

    I don’t know if you realize this, but to leave a comment, it requests a ton of information and doesn’t just let good leave one. That could be why you’re having trouble getting comments

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