(This Post is All Fukked Up! Convo=lute’d I May Edit it Later! Or Not!) Why Not? Why The Fuk Not Re-Post?? I Got Nothing Else to Do! Screw U! (OK! I did NOT Reeely Mean the “Screw U” Bit!) I WAS Just Joshin’ “Short UBH Bit I …. Fuk it! Saga Continues”

Warm Beer

Cold Wimmens
I just Don’t Fit in

Cred: Tom—Fuk Off!


I Ab-So-Flutely Love Thjis Jist This Jist This  Jist of a  of Real of of a Woman!—A Real Woman!

A For Real Woman!

A page from my Misfit Notebook while at UBH.

(Note to self: “Self, you need to continue your UBH Saga.”)

“Okay. I’m on it.”

For anyone wondering why we had ‘homemade’ pens:

They gave us only the innards–they didn’t want us trying to commit suicide with the plastic parts.

So we improvised.

Too Heavy?

Fuk OFF!

Why Not The Fuk?


Why Not Me??!!

Cred: This Asshole, thxanne

and, And of Course,

The Judds!

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