“Life is Strange”— Yet Another One I Wrote that Is Embarrassin’—I’ll Properly Fix This Post Later, If / When I Find Sober. Don’t Wait Up Though. Happy New Year Y’all!

Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing 

Cred: Sky Ferreira


Hits Too Fricken Close!

I Have Lost So Many Wonderful Women

This Makes Me So Sad

Welcome to My Pity Party

Pull Up a Chair!

I’m Just Gonna Sit Here




Try Not To Think

I’ll Attempt to Do It Quietly

So As Not to Disturb Your Sobriety

Cred: Merle


Lesley Gore

“It’s My Party & She’s A Fool”

(On The Ed Sullivan Show)

Dido – White Flag:

Somewhere about five years ago, I was paid something in the region of $183,093 per year. Yep. To keep Y’all safe. Yep. To Keep Y’all safe.

Now, I am paid somewhere south of ten dollars per hour, to keep y’all’s packages safe.

The math don’t add up.

But… actually. It does.

Men (and wimmen) are paid according to…

Ya know what? I really do not want to write about this.

I love to write about my times in Iraq / Afghanistan / Egypt / Israel / Dubai / San Dog / …


Those are stories ppl want to read.

(I suppose)

“Lance, That Whore!”

Now. That is good fodder, ain’t it?

Wanna read that? If I get one ‘yes’, I will write it. (Lord knows, there is much ‘fodder’ there…)

No one looks at the videos I steal, but I always include them anyhow…

Threw Back Up Thursday: Kinky

Beach Boys Okie from Muskogee

Comments are magical