In Spite of What I Wrote Below, I Really Am A Fan… of Bobby Darin… “Ah So! Metta Mook.”

Who Am I Kidding?
No-One Ever Calls Me
(Unless They want Money)

I’m Sorry Y’all, but WordPress Is Fukkking Up This Post!

Believe Me!

I’m Peddling As Fast As I Can!




Mack et Al


Want Lance In Your Life?

“The Line Forms On the Right.”

Cred For Vid Share: shazi52 (And Bobby D.)

“Beyond the Sea”

Cred For Shared Vid: NRRArchives


Scrazy Spacey

As Bobby Daring

“The King of Cool”

“Could It Be Our Boy’s Done Somethin’ Rash?”


Ed. Note:

I’m Done Screwin’ Around

With This Post!


You win!

(For Now)

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