This Post Is A Chocolate Mess. Tried To Edit It. But Guess What? Word-Press Stepped In & Saved Me From My Sin.–TY WP For Havin’ My Back.

One Day A Woman Will Be My Final Down-Fall–The Fall Of A Man! But What A Way To Go! In sha’Allah Y’all! Rented Karma! “Re-Run! Moron Alert! Be Careful! SueZ, Open Sez-a-me! Canal! (Found A Charming Vid By A Charming Young Woman–Survey Sez: “Chek It Out!”)



This Is Brilliant!

She is Brilliant!

Y’all Just Know I Love it!

A Song About Suez Canal Evergreen Tanker:

Cred To Her! Sada El-Balad English See

Interview: Miss Arab Marina Al Obaidi –

لقاء حصري مع ملكة جمال العرب

2021 مارينا العبيدي

I Love Arab Women!

(Shit! I Love All Women)

In sha’Allah  Baby!


I have been to the Suez Canal at least 300 times.

I’ve been witness to some incredibly funny shit in my day, but never nothin’ even remotely approaching this

Monumental Shipping Screw-UP!



Because I am a Smart-assed Moron:

Clik the GD Link Below!

No Bare Feet Beyond This Point







Street Cred Vid: UnionSquareMusic

Yeah. I’m a fukking Moron!


Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Trailer

Uh? I Meant To Say,

“Lance Of Arabia”


(For any who do not get my sense o’ humor… You boarded the wrong boat)

NO Refunds!

Sink or Swim!


‘Awesomely Sexy’

Sassy and Sexy

does not even begin to come close to properly describing these ladies.

Especially Susanna Hoffs!

(See below ‘Waltz Like an Egyptian’ vid)

Just Sayin’

People just don’t seem to have fun anymore—too uptight


Or perhaps old age has made me jaded.



When the ‘Gyptian’ vid came out I was floating around on the USS Callaghan, somewhere in the North IO…Indian Ocean…
HQ in San Dog had sent us a copy of the vid.
Guess what we did.


We had the ship’s photographer film the crew…
Walking like Egyptians.

I wish I had a copy, but you can use your imagination.


Footnote to this story:

In ’79 Egypt hired a Jap construction company to dredge the canal and to increase it’s girth by about  thirty-three percent.

This made life difficult for me.

From then on I had to take my passengers to Ismailia close to the Med coast to be able to cross over into Egypt proper.

‘Beautiful’ Ismailia

Added about an hour to my travel time.

Each way.



Did I actually write This Tripe Below???




Just take Me Out Back and Shoot Me Then.

Once In The Leg
Twice In The Head

None in The Balls

I May Need Those in the After-Life

(If There Even Exists Such A Place)

Personally, I Doubt It.

You Only Get One Go At The Brass Ring.

Try Not To Screw It Up!


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