This Is Just A Preamble To A Ramble: CNN Rarely Broadcasts Anything Worth-A-Shit, But Their “Carole King/James Taylor” Broadcast Tonight Was Top Shelf. Difficult For Me To Praise CNN. Y’all Know How Much I Despise Them. However Comma, Right Now I Must

This is a WIP, As the Show is Still OnJust Wrapping Up–But I Must Write When That Lightning Urge Strikes. Otherwise, I Lose It–That Fleetin’ Cheatin’ Lightning Urge Only Hits–

In Spurts & Flirts


Final Thoughts Later


But, Well Done CNN!

Very Well Done

And Minimal Commercial Bullshit Interruptions!



But Even Though I Still Hate You CNN,

I am Man Enough,

And Honest Enough
To Give Credit When It is Due

Thank You!

CNN, Too Bad You Don’t Report News Anymore—

But This Show Was Great!


“You’ve got A Friend”

(Not You CNN-The Song Below)

Wish I Still Had One,

A Friend,


Well, Y’all Regular Readers Know Why I Don’t

Have Any

Not Even One

Friends Should Be Cherished Above All Other Things In Life

Cred For Vid Share: Riccardo d’Alterio

(The Video Sync On This is Borked. Sorry. I cannot Fix That, but The Audio Is



My Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Pity-Party Is Over

The Party’s Over

Turn Out The Lights

Cred: Willie

Hope Y’all Had A Good Time

Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On Your Way Out

Love All Y’all

All My Readers

Good Night


I’ve Been To The Holy Land

I wanna Go Back

Carole King – Been To Canaan:

Cred for Vid Share: ckovertime

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