New National Media Holiday: “January Sixth Day” I’ll Get Back to Y’all On This Bull-Shite. Trust Me: I’m With The Government. ‘Tis Still A Work-In-Progress–Or A WID–Workin’ in Digress. Meantime: Fu*k You cNn!


Mister Red White and Blue –

Coffey Anderson

Cred fer Share: coffeysouthernman


Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land

Cred For Vid Stare…. Share: rutaloot


“Isn’t that Funny?

Isn’t That Unusual

Isn’t That


Isn’t… Isn’t… Isn’t?

Too Many “Isn’t’s”

In My Life Right Meow!

Isn’t That Unusual ?


Celebrate Y’all!

Ain’t Nothin’ But Good Times Ahead!

(The volume is Loud–crank this one down Y’all)

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