This Post Has Swerve’d Off CurveY! Scurvy! Scurry-Flurry! Course Wooflu! I Caught it. (Or it caught me) Timemz 2! Fuk U. I’m still Walkin’ & Talkin’ & Jivin’ & Thinkin’ & Drinkin’ & Breathin’—I’m Such An Asshole! I May Apologize Tomorrow. But Don’t Set Your Watch. I Do Not Enjoy Being Sick.

Oh My Gawd!

You’re Stupid Lance!

Sit The Fuck Down!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it Now!

Do it for the children!


“Wu-Flu Dance!”

Cred for Vid: JP McV


I Should Not Watch Monty Py–thon—So Much. Ruined My Mind. Wasted My Time. Yes It Did.

P.S. WP Won’t Let Me Edit This.

So I Add It Here: “I Love Jerusalem More Than Any City On Earth—She is Magic–Been There Too Many Times–Never Fails to Amaze –Aside From Paris, She Is the Best Place On The Planet–Damn-it.”

The Life to Live

Be Brian

Cred for Share: Who Cares? I Forgot. So what?


She Turned Me Into A Newt…

I got Bettah”

“I got Bettah”

I Did Got Better


Just for Ref:

Why Cannot I Properly Edit This?


Go To Fuk U!

(Fillipina Slang)

Silent Eyes

Paul Simon



I’ve Been There

Have You?


Didn’t Think So

Then You Can

Kiss My Ass

Sorry–Didn’t Mean It—

Actually, I Did–If You Choose To Dis Is-REAL–My Gawd! I Spent Too Much Time Over There!

Fell In Love Too Many Fukkin’ Times

Israeli Women!

‘cAUSE Israls is for Real!


Alpha Blondy – Jérusalem

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