Yeah. I’ve Got The Wu-Flu Blues, I’ll Survive–J’espère–Hope Springs Eternal. N’est-ce pas? And The Beat Goes On… Don’t it? Doesn’t it? Please Say “Yes” It’s Gettin’ Late: I Think I Am Approaching Escape Velocity. Thank God! I Need sOMEs Sleepy Time.

Beat me.

Whip Me.

Make Me Write Bad Checks

Cred for Vid? I Forgot Where I got it. Fuk it!

I am so Happy today!

I’ve Got My World by the Balls

I Don’t Deserve it

But I Never Look a Gift-Horsey In The Mouth-y

Sing Hosanna

“He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”

“Dear God, Please Don’t Drop Us—

It’s A Mighty Long fall Back to Earth”


Cred: Sing Hosanna


And Yes! I got all my Fauchi Ouchies!

Fuk Him!

At Least My Sense Of Humor Remains In-Tack

The 12 Days of Quarantine:

Cred: Jeanine and David Ridenour



Rockin’ Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu

Creds? Fuk it! I’m a thief!

cRED fER sHARE: 71superbee3


Just For Shits an’ Gins

“If You Just Wanna Go Out Drinkin’ Honey,

Won’t You Invite Me Along Please?”

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