Very Flightly Expanded: I’m Gonna Re-Post This B’cuz I’m An Idiot & It Is A Shakespearean Kind-o-Day–Please Re-Vist This! I Need Some Courage To Finish It! There is too Much Macbeth/Hamlet in Me! “Richard’s Lame-Ass Jeans Store, Chapter Five: “I Have Done The Deed! Sleep No More!” Stay Away From Me! Lady Mac’Bee!”

Macbeth (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis:


Cred for Vid: CorkShakespeare

I Have But Murdered Sleep

Sleep No More!

Cred For Vid Share: Emad Ozery


I arrived back home in Honey Grove.

Entered thru the side door, as always.

Madelyn and Daddy were sitting at the little round Kitchenette  table watching Jeopardy or something.

I scurried past and hit the stairs.

Madelyn was hard and fast on my heels.

We got to the third floor of Marcom Manor and I ran into my room.

Madelyn right behind.

“Did you do it?” she asked breathlessly.

I did not answer.

I turned on my little bullshit radio and dialed in the local Bonham radio station.

“Just wait” I said to her.

We waited.

After about four minutes, the announcer announced:

“Richard’s  Jeans downtown was completely destroyed by fire this afternoon.”

Maddy  threw her arms around me.

Almost Choking me.

“I love you Brother!”

“I know. Now you owe, Milady Macbeth


“Shut the fuck up. You know who / what you are.”

She kissed me again.

This time in Earnest

I damn near to swooned

“Maddy, I am not proud of this. I could have inadvertently, unintentionally killed someone!”

“But You didn’t. You Saved your sister’s ass.”

“You know I’d do anything for you”

“Yes, I know. This is you misfortune to bear.”

(Well-Documented How much I was in love- infatuated with her)


Ohio Players – Fire

To Be Continued




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