Up-Dated: There’s Always Room For More Erin Burnett In My World; “I would Give All of ME! To HER! fOR jUST oNE Night! “Is This Love Erin? Yep. From Where I Sit It Certainly Is” It For Shit-Sure Certainly Is.

Just One Look

And I Fell




Just One Look And I Fell

And She is Scottish!

(And Y’all Know I love Scottish Women)

Uncle Bob!

Very Happy, Positive Upbeat Song!

Is this Love!

(Video Credit: DARK FIRE30)

I’m Really Really REALLY infatuated with Erin Burnette.

I don’t even know why.

Maybe because she is smart. And so well-educated. This draws me. Like a moth to a flame. I LOVE smart women. Cannot resist them.

(She absolutely is very intelligent–there is no debate on this fact)

Maybe because she is beautiful

(She certainly is–again, no debate on this one)

Maybe because she intrigues me (She surely does)

Maybe all of the above. Most likely.

I love her.

OK, I lied a little bit: I never mute her.

(See photo of my “Notes.”)

I don’t EVER NOT  listen to her.

I do NOT agree with her opinions, but I respect them.

And I love her voice.

She adds value to my life.

And I appreciate that.


I just drop this in because I love it and it is upbeat.

Kinda like Erin, It makes Me Happy to Experience.

(In My Imaginary Mind.)


“Erin, Ready or Not, Here I’d Come!”

Hey! “Historic Films” Why do you fuckin’ polute the video with your bullshit logo??!!!

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