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Alcoholics,” or As Janis Oft Refrained:

“I Don’t Do Drugs: I’m A ‘Juicer'” (Of Course, She Was Lying)–

She Did Everything!


That’s How We Came To Lose Her In Nineteen Seventy.

Broke My Heart.

Truly Did

Just For Ref:


“It Don’t Make No difference Babe”

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you Fell


The Down Staircase?

I Know I have!

And More Than Thrice

Now Yes, I know:

I Write A Lot About Drunks

Dat’s Because




But I Appear To Be…

In Good Company

And It’s So Much More Fun

To Slow-Kill One’s Self this Way

Than the Other Way

The Fast Way

“Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend;

Pass It Over To Me”

The Greatest Bullshit Story Ever Told

“Roll Another One. Just Like The Other One”

Don’t Touch My Bags If You Please

Mister Custom’s Man


“Up The Down Staircase”








Old Hollywood Stars Who Were ALWAYS Drunk



Y’all’ll Havta Scroll Down On This One

If’n You Wanna see Tanya

Aint No Free Rides In This Mouse House

I Saved The Best For Last

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