Recycled, Expan’Dex Post Re-Run-Red “ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! TAKE COVER! TAKE COVER! PROCEED IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR NEAREST & DEAREST BUNKER!” (Heard This ‘Broad-Cast’–Yes, The “Voice” From ‘The BIG VOICE Was Female UK BROAD) Damn Near Ev’r Night Over. Those Assholes NEVER Showed The Common Courtesy To Rocket Us During Daylight Hours.

I Had To Listen To This Shite. Every Night. During The Course of the Five Years I Lived in Iraq & Afghanistan I Was Rudely Awakened Thusly

And Right ‘Bout The Time I Had Achieved REM Status. Rarely Would I Even Get Outta My Rack. I’d Just Go Right Back To Sleep. Nothing In Iraq Nor Afghanistan Ever Frightened Me.

It Was Just One More of Joni’s Three Great Stimulants. How I Regarded It Anyway. I Had, By That Time, Already Been Around The World


Ain’t Shit I Hadn’t Seen Three Times Already


I Once Saw Two White Whales Fuck In The


Indian Ocean

How Many You Know Can Claim THAT?

Watch Thus Or go fuk u’re self!

And Hey!

“If It’s Your ‘Time, It’s You Time’ that Was Our Mantra


Come On YA’LL! READ THIS ONE! I spent at Least Five Minute(s) Writing IT! Y’ALL. I mis-Spiel for The Effect! Hahahahahaa!

“I am Re-Re Posting This Expanded Version Because I am Wallowing in Self-Pity For not ever ‘Making’ A Daughter. Don’t Bother Reading.

It is Just For The Record of My Self-Pity. “Every (Rare) Once In A While I See Something On TV That ‘Moves’ Me. This Commercial Moved Me–Gave Me Hope–Made Me Misty-Eyed. Almost Cried.”

That’s a Lie. I did cry

I have been re-watching “Mad Men”–Most are familiar with the show.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past two decades:

The series is all about Madison Avenue.

Advertising in The Sixties.


This ‘commercial’ (Found Below)



It actually brought a tear to my eye

(See below about how sorry I feel for myself for not taking the time to have a daughter)

Credit: Vanguard


One More “Daddy-Daughter-Related” Brilliantly done Commercial

“Roots and Wings”

Vid Cred: Entertainment Marketing

Longer Version (Audio Only—Full Vid has been flushed down the memory hole. Shit!)

Artist:  Miranda Lambert, Native Texan.So Y’all KNOW, I’m ‘Partial’


Rosanne Cash

Johnny’s Little Girl

Vid Cred: I don’t Know, (I am too drunk to be bothered to look but thank you!

(Whoever you are!)


More of Rosanne!

“You know that life don’t hold no glamour anymore”

Let’s break this down, shall we?

It all hinges on the word ‘that’

And how you interpret the usage of it

“You know ‘that life’ don’t hold no glamour anymore.”

Could mean potential suicide


You know ‘that’ life, could mean “I am fucking tired of being a performing artist and I want a ‘real life’

What do Y’all think?

Which is it?

Could be both

This is the genius of the song

I think the “answer” lies in the last Line:

“Maybe I’ll just go away to stay”

Now that that mystery is solved I can move on

Hey Johnny!

Best “Thing” You Ever “Created!”

I am so FRIkin’ Jealous!

You Asshole!

You Lucky Asshole!

“Guess I Could Never Do Nothin’ Right!”

Orig Song Cred: Jerry Jeff Walker


An aside:

Damnit! I wish I had a daughter!



The Commercial Copywriters were obviously inspired by this classic Ben E. King:

Spanish Harlem

And Yes It is Not Lost On Me That

“Rose” is Metaphor for a Woman

Just like “The Yellow Rose of Texas”

I have a little left of my brain


Cred for Vid: John1948OneD


I should have worked in advertising.

Pretty sure I would have been good / great at it.

I understand how it ‘works’


P. T. Barnum:

“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”:

Content Creator Cred: Professor Buzzkill


Lance in an alternate life/universe:


Bonus Material For Reference:

Yellow Rose of Texas

(Originally Written Circa 1850)

(Which was actually about a very beautiful half-black slave girl–put that in yer pipe)

Smoke it!

Vid Cred: Lane Brody

Artists: Johnny Lee & Lane Brody

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