Saturnalia In Sinai

Back in ’79 when I was still in Sinai (SFM)…


Bad start

Try again

MT! Try Another!

“Let’s Visit the Moon Together Baby.

Watch Yer Step There

While Boarding My Spaceship.”


Let’s Step Thru The Door

Shall We?

Back in ’79 while at SFM….. Invest a dime; lose yer mind

I would occasionally ‘borrow’ the telescope from the Com (Communications) Shack and do me some star gazin’

I had been an ‘armature’ astronomer (Just like Johnny Carson) all my life. I knew my way ’round th’ galaxy

Anyway, one night this very pretty, if slightly chunky, blond co-worker of mine saw me schlepping the telescope out to the middle of the SFM grounds

“What ya doin’ Lance?”

“I’m gonna look for Saturn tonight,” I replied.

“Can I come with you?”

“Of course.”

Long story short: We found Saturn thru the telescope lens

Then we found the half-moon

Janis Joplin – Half Moon

Then I found some things even more fascinating underneath her blouse

“Tomorrow night, My Young Girl,

We’ll go to visit Mars.”

“I’d Follow You Anywhere,” she purred into my ear.

I didn’t believe her, and I did’t care the lie–

We were just two kids havin’ a time, sharing a fun time





Living Together



In a War Zone

Next day she told Janet, my soon-to-be-bride,

“Lance and I saw Saturn Last night. It was so romantic.”

I caught hell over that

From Janet


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