Back in the Day: Dead Guppies & Dying Dreams

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Look at Me! I’m Sandra Fukkin’ Dee!

Look at me! I’m Sandra Dee!

(And Bobby Darin Too!)

Beyond My Sea:

Bobby Darin: The King of Cool

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Back when Roberta and I were a ‘serious item’ I was living in an Old Rent House (Which belonged to one of my University Profs whom I used to screw (on the side—whenever she found herself back in town. She had moved to Arizona—‘nother long story) She was somewhat of a ‘Cougar.’

I suppose Robera was too, but she didn’t have the smarts to pull it we just remained in platonic love–for 30 years and still counting

Roberta protested about my Characterization of her here, but I am a vain writer and just cannot delete any of my ‘brilliant’ prose. Best i can muster is to strike through it. So sorry ‘Berta, but I still stand by what I wrote, even though it was probably unkind, and should not have been written. It really added nothing to the narrative. A Thousand apologies.

Anyway, I spent one Summer building huge cabinets for my aquariums.

There was an empty room in the old house. I was gonna make it into a Public Aquarium for the Good People of Commerce

Purchased a one-hundred and ten gallon tank for my ‘Centerpiece.’ One drunken day, I man-handled it into my recently finished cabinet And then just stared at it… for hours–imagining how wonderful I was gonna make it

Roberta caught me there and cussed me roundly for being idle.

But I was NOT idle: I was fleshing out ideas in my head. This was my ambition. No way The ‘Berta could understand this.

But Roberta was a real ‘trooper’

We spent many afternoon hours scouring the local creeks searching for river rocks and drift wood for the aquarium I was building.

I wasn’t trying to make money; I just wanted to share my fish tank talent of creating beautiful fishy eco-system utopias talent for the town I loved living in.

Good People in Commerce back in those days.

But inevitably, wine got in the way and I bugged out for Iraq.

Commerce never got its Public Aquarium, but my intentions were honorable.

I just got overtaken by events

(Only viable excuse I can muster)



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