‘Berta is Very Ill! “Beware The Ides of March!” I’m Worried! I Cannot Lose Her! I Do Not Want To Walk Around On A Planet Without Her On It! This Post is too Emotional—I am all fukked up right meow. She is Eighty and Change. So What? She is Very Strong!

“What do he mean by that Julius?”

Julius sez, “I doesn’t know.”



(The only GF who has stuck by me for DECADES!)

reminded me that we are Knee-Deep into the

Ides of March… so, natch…

Brother Dave!

And Willie-The-Half-Sprung Shake…s…Spear

“Here Julius; hold this!”


(Y’all are welcome for this little ‘Cultural’ Interlude)


We Now return you to our Regularly Scheduled… Madness…

Street Cred: Pickled Cactus

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