FIERCEST LINEBACKER IN THE HISTORY OF LINEBACKERS: Dick Butkus, The Maestro of Mayhem: “Moby Dick in a Goldfish Bowl” Great Line! LMFAO! I don’t think it was meant to be funny in one of the vids, but I laughed my ass off!

I was a linebacker when I played school-boy football for the Honey Grove Warriors

(1970’s) I was very good at it.

I Was Feared by the Opposition.

I had a Reputation

In The District

(For Crackin’ Bones)

We Stole Our “Fight Song” From UT

As Did Most Texas HS Football Teams,

Back In The Sixties & Seventies

HG HS Marching Band

So Proud of Them!

So Proud of Them!

I tried to be as fierce as Dick Butkus.

I came close, but never quite made it.

No one could have.

But I gave it my all

Back when pro football was worth watching:

Now it’s all just shit.

Prima Donnas


Fuk them!


This is a “stolen” video from NFL Films.

I have been warned,

but Fuck Them.

What they gonna do to me?

Sue me?

Arrest me?

Good luck with that.

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