HAHAHAHA! I Had Forgotten About This Old Post, But Some Folks Recently Viewed It. Still LMFAO! “Flame WARS! The Battle is Joined!” pLEASE wATCH tHE vID. iT IS epic! (I Have an ALL CAPS Problem–Sorry–i aM sEEKING tHeRapy)

My Daddy once said to me:

“I live in my own little world, but it’s


They know me there.”


Required Watching / Reading / Needing / Heeding

“I Didn’t Start The Flame War”

I didn’t Start the Fire.

I just poured gasoline on it.

Street Cred for Vid: CollegeHumor:


Ed. Note: This Post is All Borked/Fucked Up.


I’ll TRY to FIX it LATER)

Maybe… Maybe Not...

I truly do have better things to do

Believe it

Or Not!

Uncle Bob




I Never Credit Them Enuff

(No One Does)

They Were The Backbone of His Band



Everywhere is WAR!



I Read it


Wrote An A-Plus University Paper On It

So What?


Finally Getting to The Point:

Peggy Ames (Last Name Redacted)

Had This Comment on My Comment:

“Soul Alchemy I am not sure but I think L. Marcom Is a troll! If not there appears to be other issues there that responding to could create further issues! At least be observant!”


Of Course,

I had to respond


From my Facefuk Page:

Someone Just Called me a “Troll”
Troll? I am none!
I am a decent, caring, good and decent man.
Here is proof:

To Peggy Ames I wrote:

Dear Lady (BTW, My Mother’s Name was “Peggy’–May she rest in peace. You are not my mother–so do not pass unsustainable judgements on me) I am going to leave you with this (Yes. Your insult cut me to the quick and hurt much)

From my recent post on FB: “Someone Just Called me a “Troll”

“Troll?” I am none!

I am a decent, caring, sharing, (somewhat daring) good man.

God-damn it! Never a ‘Troll’. I take the time to comment on posts I ‘Like.’ I am no ‘Drive-by Liker.’ People deserve feedback when they post something that they spent some time constructing.

That’s all.

I am not a ‘Troll” I am a good, gracious, (somewhat humble) man Here is proof:”

Already dropped that in… see above Peggy. ‘Callen’

Comments are magical