SNAP OUT OF IT!!! This is a Stupid Post. Precisely Why I Re-Post it. Lance!@ Lance ROMANCE! LANCE! at a Glance! Lance!

Lance! Lance! Snap Out of it!


Uh, Where’s the Met?”

Laughing my fukkin’ ass off

“I said something stupid—this has Never Happened Before”

Go ahead

“Say something stupid Lance.”

“Give me some time’ I’ll come up with one”

This is so Charming.

Painfully Reminds Me of My Relationship With My Departed Sis: Madelyn

Stupid is Un-Fixable. Just Deal With It as best you can.



“Lance!!! Wake The Fuck UP!!”

“Huh? Why? For what?”

“The day has broke!”

“Then brake it! Then go fuck it.”

(Lance on RrR from Iraq…i.e. don’t give one shit.)


Lance…is all over some place.

“What’s wrong with Lance?”


“Is he scrazy?”

“Most probably.”

“What to do?”

“Walk quietly away…”

“Good call.”

“Hey! Wanna catch a beer?”

“Sure. Why Not?”


And the beat goes on…

ladala lalea-lee, ladaleelaa…ladelah….

(Cher was really sexy… wasn’t she?)

So sorry Sonny


U Got Hit By a Tree


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