I Need to Rent A Life! (Or Maybe Just Another Wife) Just Want One More Life–A “Do-OVer–” That is all I want! Too Much to Ask? “Example Of How I Tempt Fate With My Abusive Muse”

She is so Lovely, Endearing, Charming, When She’s Mad

I cannot resist.

Because I am a Simple-Minded, Stupid Son-of-a-Bitch Dumb-Ass Sailor.

Apropos and Poignant Songs For Our Current Current.

(But ‘Don’t Let It Bring You Down’—‘Sorry Neil’)

Y’all Know I am Ninety Percent Positive and Upbeat.

So, My Mood WILL Improve with just a little ‘liquid propulsion.’

“Hey Muse! Reach Me A Beer! I am a Man Indeed in Need!”

MS Muse saunters over, smacks the shit outta Me, Up-Side My Head, then says,

“That is all what you ‘Need.’ Now get back to work and STOP SHIT-POSTING.”

(Guess I will be fetching my own beers from now on.)

“Dogs Eat Dogs. Cats Eat Rats. Rats Eat Roaches. Big Fish Eat Smaller Fishes,

But Humans Eat Earth,

And Shit Her Out.

Then Just Walk Away.

(Please Watch this one—it does not end when you think it should end)

I LOVE you Joni!

I love You so very Much!

Artifice, brutality, and innocence

“The Perfect Girl: She Is All That Matters”

Lord Knows, I Have Had A Few

“Keep The Drinks Comin’ Girl, ’till I can’t Feel Anything.”

Fun Fact (Justin Case You Missed It) :

Joni Is The Soldier In The Video Above

Shallow, Empty Lives, Devoid of Substance (But at Least We Retain Our Shiny Toys)


“White Cane Lying in The Gutter in the lane.”

All these songs belong to Joni

(But Y’all knew that already)

Yep. I stole them.

But Joni and I are ‘tight’–She forgives me.

There is one exception:

The one I stole from Neil Young

Gentle Readers:

If Y’all Frequent My Blog It Helps if You are a ‘Joni Fan.’

Just sayin’.


Just for Convenience, and out of respect and fondness for my Readers,

I drop in this Lancelot, Secret Chimp

Missing Link

To ‘Abusive Muse’


Just stop and say “Hello in There” ever’ once in a while.

(But not to me: I am an asshole)Prine wrote this when he was tewnty-six—

or ther-abouts—

what a wonderful mind–


cannot find …



(Oh Fuck This! I’m tired of edit’in)

John Prine – Hello In There

Cred for Vid Share: EileenML aka Adamfulgence

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