Rant Alert! How Do I Detest This Man? (Michael J. Lindell) Let Me Count The Ways. He Wraps Himself in the American Flag. Fake Patriot. Two Will Get You Ten: He Never Served. Once and Again

Six or Seven Times per hour I Have to Look at This Man’s Face on

Broadcast News

Why? (I Always mute the Volume–His Face is Bad Enough)

Eve’er time I see his face I wanna throw up in my mouth

I know he is a ‘recovering’ crack addict. Guess what Mike? Me too. But it only took me two weeks to realize that crack would make me a slave. So I gave it up.

Took you years.

Hey Mike! Take your pillow, fold it in half and shove it up your ass.


Who pays forty quid for-a-pillow anyhow?

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