“The Water Well”–Anbar Province, Western Iraq Circa 2007 or Eight. I forget

This post is just a little reminisce

Camp Manager Me

I Be So Glad… When The Sun Goes Down

Cred: ALilyAmongstThorns

When I first arrived at Camp Wolf, Anbar Province western Iraq, I was ‘Safety Manager’.

Three months later I was Camp Manager (Semi-long story how that came to pass)

I reviewed the camp papers handed down to me

Discovered that we were giving the Iraqis 3000 gallons of diesel fuel per month to run the pump that pumped water into our camp. This sounded suspect to me, so I checked out a truck from the motor pool and drove to the well.

What did I discover there? A twenty horse-power motor pumping water into my camp, Camp Wolf. It had a fuel tank of perhaps five gallons.

“This is bullshit” I muttered under my breath. I drove back into camp. Phoned up my boss in Baghdad:

“Troy, did you know we been giving the Iraqis three thousand gallons of diesel EVERY month to run a twenty horsepower motor to run a pump? What do you want me to do?”

“You’re the camp manager; figger it out.”


I summoned the sheik from the Iraqi faux base living outside my perimeter

We had a ‘meeting’

I informed him he would no longer be receiving 3000 gallons of diesel from us–the U.S. of us,

He said, “What if something bad happens to the well?”

I said, “Listen asshole, if something, anything happens to that well, I will bring the full-force of the US Military down on you.” (I was bluffing of course, I had no such power but it worked.)

From then on, he got 500 gallons of fuel per month–and that was generous on my part


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